Which language will the Pre-Accelerator programming be offered in?

All our programming will be in English as ScaleWolf is international in its scope and our mentors as well as participating teams can come from a wide range of countries. 

Can I attend the Pre-Accelerator programming virtually?

Our program is hands-on and designed to be participated in personally in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, we understand that there are bound to be some calendar conflicts once in a while and hence ensure that each program module is also delivered virtually. Please note that each participant is expected to participate in-person for at least 80% of time. 

Can I form a single person team?

We strongly believe in the power of diverse skills and perspectives. To be able to participate in our Pre-accelerator program you must have 2 to 5 members on your team.

Does an acceptance in the Pre-Accelerator program guarantee a spot in the Accelerator program? 

No, an acceptance in the Pre-Accelerator program does not guarantee a spot in the Accelerator.

All the teams participating in the Pre-Accelerator program will be competing to be selected for the Accelerator program throughout  the Pre-Accelerator program and at the hackathon event.

When does the next Pre-Accelerator program begin?

The next Pre-Accelerator Program will launch in July 2024. The application period is from now until May 31, 2024.

Still can’t find the answers you were looking for? 

Please email us with your questions at hello@scalewolf.vc and we will get back to you in 2-3 business days.